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Reviews, 15.3.2012
Settle Up - this is end of 'Who pays' discussion

Google Play Store

Craig, April 8, 2012*****

"Most Awesome App! Now has sync with the cloud and others peoples phones with the ability for multiple people to add expenses. Really great - and it's actually fun to find out who has to pay for something next! :)"

Thomas, 13.2.2012*****

"Very handy for a lot of situations. Works great, easy to use."

Sadat, 1.4.2012*****

"Awesome - I used it on a recent trip and it sure are money management the least of our concerns."

Karthik.r, 12.3.2012*****

"Bloody Awesome!! Going to buy the app. I cant think of a day without using this app. Its simply awesome and it covers all possible use cases. I had to format my phone once and I was scared to lose all my data, but I just installed the app and logged in, and voila! All my data is back. Thanks to the sync feature. Plus the online sharing thing is too good. All the stakeholders can add payments. I am going to buy the app, not for removing ads, but just to promote the developer!"

4adaPeace, 14.11.2011***

"Few bugs - But author is working on the solution. He's very helpful, emailed me and tried to solve the problems. I'm looking forward to next update."

Mads, Nov. 6, 2011*****

"Brilliant! Really handy. Use it on a every day basis with my friends. Syncs nicely between our phones. Active dev. Keep it up."

sham, 19.12.2011****

"Very good... It Even handles cases where multiple people pay and it still calculates than precise money one owes. ... Good job"

Apple AppStore

NDG25, Jul 25, 2012*****

"Kills end-of-vacation drama & math - Love it! So useful. Why didn't i know about it before?"

decarbon8, 20.12.2011*****

"How good is this! Great app. Simplicity extraordinaire! Works a treat and gives the answer you want quickly. Well done."

BLNCH, 15.03.2012*****

"WOW. Downloaded this app for a skiing trip with a group of 6 friends. It helped us a great deal when we were paying in restaurants and cafe's. One person created a group and it told us how much is owed and to whom. It also suggested us who pays next....amazing!!!! Now I use it with my boyfriend...and the constant disputes over money has been solved."

Sean Gallagher, 28.02.2012****

"Great propgram. Probably the best app to keep track of debts, plus its free to boot. they only problem i have is figuring out how to change the currency, which the new update says it is capable of. if they fix that, then i'd definitely give it a 5 star rating hands down."

Mrs.EllinHo, 15.01.2012***

"Nice app! This is both an easy to use with a nice design iou app! It's easy to find who owes who and how much. For the next update, include more currencies and a function so that different currencies can be chosen for each new payment that is added rather than to set one currency for a whole group. I'm looking for an app that has swedish kr (sek) included."

trebek in ks, 24.12.2011*****

"Best app EVER!! Novel idea! Great for sharing expenses at restaurants and while traveling. You will never argue about who should pay next again. Clean interface, love the graphics and incredibly user friendly. Highly recommended. Five stars."