Key Features

  • Sync with other iPhone and Android devices, also works fully offline
  • User-friendly interface with stylish design
  • Possibility to have multiple groups and swipe between them
  • Payments log
  • Minimal number of transactions to settle debts within a group
  • Even or uneven split for payments
  • Different currencies
  • Translated to 16 languages

Reviews and ratings

Aqiul Colombowala, Google Play, March 21, 2013*****

"Brilliant! This is just what me and my flatmates have been looking for! Absolutely fantastic with everything you need to manage expenses in a simple and easy to use UI! Great job! You guys should make an ad-free paid version :)"

MikeTheWiseGuy, Apple AppStore, February 3, 2013*****

"Works perfectly to keep track of shared expenses in a group! "

Sheena Pimentel, Google Play, February 18, 2013*****

"Used this instead of Splitwise. Def better UI. Sync to another user is ok also. Have yet to try the free version in its maximum. If all goes perfect, I might purchase the extras. :-) ill change my rating once I've tried it well. Also, perhaps we can add more currencies like PHP."

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